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Wiem tylko, że jednego dnia czuję się dobrze, życie jest słodkie i niczego więcej mi nie potrzeba, a następnego rwę się do ucieczki, nie mogę znaleźć dla siebie miejsca i znowu się pogrążam.
— Dziewczyna z pociągu-Paula Hawkins
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Gdzie byłbym teraz, gdyby Bóg spełniał wszystkie głupie prośby z którymi się do Niego zwracałem?
— Clive Staples Lewis

Najpiękniejszym widokiem jest człowiek uśmiechający się z Twojego powodu, szczególnie, jeśli jest to człowiek, który ukradł Ci choć kawałek twojego wnętrza.

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Nie musisz nikomu nic udowadniać. To twoje życie i możesz zaprosić do niego tych których kochasz. Masz prawo wyprosić ze swojego życia tych, którzy źle ci życzą i pomniejszają. Masz prawo dokonać wyboru jak twoje życie ma wyglądać. Dorosłeś.
— D.Skalska
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Lubię, gdy cała pachnę Tobą.
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Tomas Rücker ph. | Landscape series

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The Myth of Sisyphus

Sisyphus is famous for his punishment in the underworld more so than for what he did in his life. The Greek myth is that, Sisyphus is condemned to roll a rock up to the top of a mountain, only to have the rock roll back down again every time he reaches the top. An eternity of futile labor as his punishment.

One story tells how Sisyphus chained the spirit of Death, so that during Death’s imprisonment, no human being died. When the gods freed Death, his first victim was Sisyphus. It is also said that Sisyphus told his wife not to offer any of the traditional burial rites when he died. When he arrived in the underworld, he complained to Hades that his wife had not observed these rites and was granted permission to return to earth to chastise her. Once granted this second lease on life, Sisyphus refused to return to the underworld, and lived to a ripe old age before returning to the underworld a second time to endure his eternal punishment.

Camus refers to Sisyphus as the archetype for the absurd hero. Both for his behavior on earth and for his punishment in the underworld. He displays scorn for the gods, a hatred of death, and a passion for life. His punishment is to endure an eternity of hopeless struggle.

What interests Camus is Sisyphus’s state of mind in that moment after the rock rolls away from him at the top of the mountain. As he heads down the mountain, briefly free from his labor, he is aware of the absurdity of his fate. His fate can only be considered tragic because he understands it and has no hope for reprieve. While at the same time, the lucidity he achieves with this understanding also places him above his fate.

The Myth of Sisyphus is what Camus calls “the absurd.” Camus claims that there is a fundamental conflict between what we want from the universe whether it be meaning, order, or reasons, and what we find in the universe: formless chaos. We will never find in life itself the meaning that we want to find. Either we will discover that meaning through a leap of faith, by placing our hopes in a God beyond this world, or we will conclude that life is meaningless. Camus opens the essay by asking if this latter conclusion that life is inherently meaningless necessarily leads one to commit suicide. If life has no meaning, does that mean life is not worth living? We are however able to form our own personal meaning and live life passionately.

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